To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Watch Party and GIVEAWAY

August 18, 2018 etc, Giveaway 9

It’s no secret that I adore Jenny Han and her books. The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series is my favorite of her’s. (Sidenote, you need to read her middle grade Shug! It’s so, so, so sweet.) I bought To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before for my niece for her thirteenth birthday. It was the first really YA book I gave her. This Spring she told me that she had read it. She liked it so much she got the second and third books and devoured all three. I was thrilled because this is the first series I really love that she has really loved as a teen reader. Of course I told her about the movie and have been planning to do a movie watch party with her ever since. The more I saw about the movie the more excited I became. I mean, just look at this trailer:

How adorable, right?!?! Well, yesterday was FINALLY the movie release day and it was time to put my plan in action! This post will cover the basics of our watch party. I waited pretty last minute to shop for it so there were some things I wanted that didn’t make it (Korean yogurt drinks, sleep masks with our names on them, pink M&Ms for the cookies, etc…) Still, we had a great time. I’ll also give some spoiler-free thoughts about the movie AND there is a giveaway 🙂

Watch Party:

There were a few things I knew I wanted to cover based on all three books: cookies, face masks, vintage flair, and nail painting. I managed to incorporate all three.

First things first, the outfits! I thought it would be fun to dress with a vintage flair. Then I found this darling skirt on sale at ModCloth and it was covered with love letters. How perfect! Of course I bought us each one.

I’m also wearing a beautiful cameo broach/necklace my grandmother left to me. I wanted to incorporate some family history into the day as well. Family is so important to Lara Jean (and me!)

Obviously cookies had to play apart in the day! Like Lara Jean, my niece Anja is an expert baker. I knew she would enjoy making (and “testing”) the cookies from Bakerella that Jenny Han included in her newsletter.

We had to make sure this cookie making process was as Lara Jean as possible. I used iron-on transfers to make us To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before aprons to protect our new outfits. We used my Ravenclaw spatula because, Harry Potter. Obviously. Finally, I used this vintage hand crank grinder that was my grandmothers to make sure the pecan pieces weren’t too large.

I have a pretty tiny kitchen so we both had our rolls. Anja did most of the measuring and mixing. I was on clean-up duty.

These cookies remind me so much of my nana’s amazing monster cookies… just without the peanut butter! They turned out perfect. And oh so delicious!

We also painted out nails (using Lara Jean nail decals, of course!) and packed up some of the cookies to share.

Then it was movie viewing time! I put on some comfy pajama pants and ordered us some pizza. We didn’t finish it but we know Peter K. would have swiped the last piece if he could have! I also picked up some cherry coke. I’m sure Lara Jean (and Jenny Han!) would approve. I did have Korean face masks to do and Pocky to enjoy but we were just too involved in the movie to bother with either!

One of the best part’s of the whole movie viewing experience? Seeing Jenny’s name highlighted in the credits. I’m just so pleased for her!

Movie Thoughts:

I’ll keep this short and spoiler free. Basically, we loved it! I wanted Lara Jean’s room and Anja wanted her wardrobe. We absolutely adored Kitty (and agreed that Anja’s little sister Lara is 100% like her!) The cast was perfect. I freaked out at the author cameo, of course. The whole movie was just so sweet and smart and enjoyable.We need a sequel ASAP! Teenaged me would have watched it with my friends every time we got together. Like, as often as we watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Considering I can still quote that movie word for word, that’s a lot!


I had so much fun putting together goodies for my niece. Obviously I had to get extras for a prize pack!

This prize pack includes:

  • The movie edition of the book, of course
  • Bookish goodies (Lara Jean Bow book promo, signed bookplate, nail decals)
  • TATBILB Apron (which I made with an iron-on transfer so don’t expect fancy!)
  • Korean Sheet Mask
  • Cat Ear Headband (for doing face masks)
  • Stationary for writing letters
  • Nail Polish
  • Fun Socks
  • Pocky (and other yummy treats!)
  • A jar with the dry ingredients for the cookies (plus the recipe)

And it’s all packed up in the closest thing I could find to a hat box! This giveaway is US only (shipping isn’t going to be cheap!) Must be 13 or older to enter. Enter using the rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix now!

9 Responses to “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Watch Party and GIVEAWAY”

  1. Su Ah Lee

    Loved the books and the movie! Already watched it a few times hehe… I’m clearly obsessed! Seriously loving Noah and Lana as Peter K and Lara Jean ❤❤
    I really hope they adapt the other two books too!

  2. Darla

    It’s such a thoughtful yet light hearted trilogy. I can’t believe reading the first book I didn’t see what perfect movie material it was. Guess I was busy enjoying the story. 🙂 I also remember seeing the book advertised and I was like meh, two years later read it loved it. Kind of fun to have your tastes switch like that.

  3. Flo

    I had so much fun at my watch party. In fact, I’m going to another one next weekend! Because this movie was so darn cute. I loved it.

  4. Jean Lee

    Loved all the three books, especially as a Korean American. The party really speaks to the “aesthetics” of the book.

  5. Kobi Carpenter

    I am definitely am going to watch this! My husband would hate it but of course he wasn’t a girl in high school….LOL!! After watching the trailer I just need to see what happens after the letters get read.

  6. Cassandra D

    I would be interested in reading the book series and then watch a movie about the book series.

  7. Anita Jude

    I would love to ready and see this movie it sounds like something my group of friends would love to watch

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