P.S. I Still Love You – Watch Party Recap

March 6, 2020 etc 0

As a longtime lover of Jenny Han books and a huge fan of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie, I was eagerly anticipating the release of the P.S. I Still Love You movie!

For the first movie, I had a watch party with my niece. This time around, my friend Jaimie hosted the party. It was going to be pretty low key, but neither one of us can resist a theme! We ended up going all out, because of course we did! I thought I’d share some of the fun here!

Prior to the event I made a garland of Lara Jean’s love letters. I bought a bunch of scrapbook paper that I thought Lara Jean would like and made envelopes out of it I sealed each with a sticker and “addressed” them. I even found Valentine’s Day stickers that looked like stamps! I also used a button maker to make buttons and magnets for Team Peter, Team John Ambrose, and Team Lara Jean!

I considered making snickerdoodles, as they seemed appropriate for the book. However, I  made them for the first time around Christmas and, although they were delicious, I vowed to never make them again! It sounded so easy when Lara Jean talked about it in the book! In reality, the recipe was way too fussy for me! I ended up making the same cookies I made for the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before watch party, the cookies from Bakerella that Jenny Han mentioned. I found some really cute Valentine’s Day boxes and printed Team Peter, Team John Ambrose, and Team Lara Jean labels for them. These were “take home” gifts for the other attendees. I put the rest of the cookies (and the left over pink and white M&M’s) in a darling pink tray. I also made a P.S. I Still Love You themed print-out of the recipe for people to take.

My friend Jaimie had the great idea to create a “P.S. I Still Love You Book-to-Movie Adaptation” BINGO game! I had recently re-read the book and she was in the middle of it. We came up with things we hoped or thought might be in the movie and she used her art skills to create a BINGO board. Each person got a blank board and a color print-out of the designed one. We cut up the colorful one and arranged the squares how we wanted them on the blank board. As we watched the movie, we crossed off the squares that we saw. Each person brought a small gift to exchange and these were what we used for BINGO prizes. Jaimie also found these super cute “P.S. I Love You” boxes at Target. We filled them with Lara Jean related items for each attendee. My box is pictured below.

Because Jaimie is super talented, she also made a photo frame prop for the party. How cute is this?!?!?

And now a photo dump of the rest of the decor and fun!

My BINGO board at the end. I REALLY wanted to see Peter K. with his hand in Lara Jean’s pocket!!!

We had such a fun time! It was great to watch the movies back-to-back and I loved the new movie! It hit all the emotional points I wanted it to. And the cast! A+++ additions! Honestly, I watched it again the next day. I’m so glad these movies exist in the world. And not just because they’re a great excuse to throw a themed party!

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