NYT Bestseller, Truthwitch

January 21, 2016 Giveaway 11

So, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I love Susan Dennard’s newest book, Truthwitch! I’ve done a couple giveaways and gushed about it on the blog tour. As you can imagine, I was thrilled (yet not really surprised… I mean, it’s that good!) to see that it debuted in the top ten on the NYT Bestseller list. And now, it’s there for a second week!! I am so pleased for Susan. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person (and stellar author!)

I was lucky enough to see Susan (and Alexandra Bracken and Erica O’Rourke!) at the Naperville stop of her book tour. I got an extra copy of Truthwitch signed for a giveaway. Then I got my uppercase box for the month and, lo and behold, the book was Truthwitch! And it’s signed! I totally applaud this choice, however, I certainly don’t need the book. All of this to say, it’s giveaway time again! And I think this is a pretty sweet giveaway, if I do say so myself!

There will be two prize packs. It’s all going to be on one rafflecopter giveaway. The first winner will win the first pack, the second will win prize pack two.

Prize Pack One:

FullSizeRender 3

This is like, the mega Susan prizepack 🙂 Of course it has a signed copy of Truthwitch. Also, signed paperback copies of Susan’s first trilogy: Something Strange and DeadlyA Darkness Strange and Lovely, and, Strange and Ever AfterI love these books and think the certainly did not get as much attention as they deserve! There’s also a “Aim for the knees” sticker and a little business card for Something Strange and Deadly 🙂 Finally, there’s a 4 oz Truthwitch candle from Novelly Yours! When I was re-reading Truthwitch I came across an amazing description by Susan that I knew would make the perfect candle! Thankfully I know Brittany and she’s a candle making whiz! She took Susan’s description and turned it into a lovely smelling candle. It’s made up of meadow, frost, and floral scents. The floral scent is really light so it’s a nice, fresh candle. I love it!

Prize Pack Two:

FullSizeRender 4

This is a “strictly Truthwitch” prize pack! It has a signed copy of Truthwitch as well as the 4 oz Truthwitch candle from Novelly Yours. It also includes a double-sided poster. The “Calm my Aether, Guide my Blade” side is shown. The back side has the amazing map of the Witchlands. It’s simply gorgeous!

Use the rafflecopter to enter. Must be 13 or older to win. US only.

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  1. David Wiley

    Congrats on the second week on the bestseller list. The buzz for the book has convinced me I need a copy. Not just to check out a copy, like most of the books I am reading this year, but to OWN a copy!

  2. Markella

    Congrats Susan! I loved your first trilogy and can’t wait to see what you do with this concept.

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