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As the next stop on the Witch Eyes blog tour I have the pleasure of welcoming Scott Tracey to my blog! I met him briefly at a signing at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville earlier this year. I was also lucky enough to get a signed copy of Witch Eyes at BEA. I was in line with some super awesome YA authors who were dying for copies as well. There have been a lot of great reviews/comments floating around the internet. Even Kirkus was impressed! Way to go Scott! And now for the guest post…

Music Feature: Braden

Braden, the main character in WITCH EYES, has slightly eclectic tastes when it comes to music.  So I decided to split this post up a little bit, first talking about the kind of music he listens to, and then giving a few key “Braden” songs that fit with his journey during the course of the book.  

So when I say he has slightly eclectic tastes, I mean that he listens to a LOT of pop music, but most of it’s remixed.  Electronica,  dubstep, trance, anything that’s been layered and twisted around and made different.  He probably spends a lot of time on sites like Soundcloud where DJs can post their remixes of songs. 

Now for some specific songs.  

Mika – Relax, Take It Easy: The fun, easy, “Braden at home” song.  It’s peppy and dancey and all the things that Braden would like to be that isn’t always the case.  He probably listens to a lot of Mika, honestly.  

Full Blown Rose – Somebody Help Me:  This is my stock “Braden struggling with the weight of the witch eyes” song.  “These images burning my eyes, they’re burning me up inside,” and “I’m not a victim, not a freak” are two particular lines that always stand out to me.  But the whole song, really, fits what Braden goes through.  He suffers, but he won’t allow it to make him a victim.  The visions are killing him, basically, but he’s not going to keep trying.  He’s going to push forward, either with some help, or without.

Dangerous Muse – In This Town:  Dangerous Muse is good Braden music any day of the week.  “Hunting for Witches” was actually on my playlist while writing Witch Eyes.  But that song’s about communists (I think) not actual witches, so it loses some of it’s cool factor.  However, In This Town comes with lines like ” Watch what you wear, in this town, in this town they’ll always see you” and “better watch your back, they’re about to attack.”  It’s the perfect song for Braden once he gets to Belle Dam.

Madina Lake – House of Cards: One does not simply walk into Mordor, as the quote goes.  This is a song about lying, and secrets, and if there’s one thing that Belle Dam is good at, it’s keeping secrets.  And in trying to unravel those secrets, Braden ends up having to keep some of his own.  And he finds that he’s got a bit of a knack for lying, which is not normally something that’s a good thing.  
Thanks Scott. I always love connecting books an music!

When I was at BEA the lovely people from Flux gave me a number of Witch Eyes bookmarks signed by Scott. Now is your chance to win one! Simply comment on this post mentioning one of two things:
1. Why you want to read Witch Eyes
2. A song that reminds you of a book/character and why.
I will use random.org to choose TEN winners. Must be 13 years old or older. Open Internationally. Enter until Sept. 17, 2011. Good Luck!

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