Odd Dot Books: Make Your Own Beauty Masks

December 4, 2019 Book Review 0

I received this for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Long time no see! Things are crazy right now between work and gearing up for the holiday season. However, it seemed like the perfect time to share this book with you:

Make Your Own Beauty Masks: 38 Simple, All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Skin is a glam and gifty book of more than thirty all-natural beauty mask recipes.

Luxuriating! Refreshing! Renewing!

This book has simple and fun recipes that feature wholesome ingredients you can find in your fridge or pantry. Whether you are dry-skinned, oily, or just want refreshing “me-time,” find a recipe that best suits your needs. Mix the ingredients together in a blender or a bowl and apply the mask for ten to twenty minutes. You’ll finish with gorgeous, fresh skin!

Includes ten sheet masks!

Whether you’re still looking for a gift for a skincare loving friend or you need some time to relax and unwind, this books is perfect! It’s fun to try out the different masks and the majority of the ingredients are easy to find and fairly cheap. This would make such a cute gift set. Start with the book, add some cute spa type headbands, a beauty mask brush, and some of the basic ingredients (like raw honey, chia seeds, coconut oil, and coffee grounds) and, voilà! You have a darling gift set!

I planned to have a special day with my niece and do these masks together. She picked out the mask she wanted to try and some props for the photos. However, she bailed on me when given the chance to go to a trampoline park! I can’t say that I blame her 🙂 I was not deterred! I  decided to go ahead with making and trying out one of the masks. She chose the “Strawberry Shake It Up” mask. Since I had all the ingredients, I went ahead and tried it out.

Only FOUR simple ingredients.

This was so easy to make! I had raw honey, chia seeds, and greek yogurt on hand, so it was also super cost effective! I simply had to put all four ingredients into the blender. The only issue? It smelled so yummy that I wanted to eat it. I mean, it’s basically a smoothie for your face. (Confession: I totally tried a little of it!)

I love that this book comes with ten single use sheet masks. If you want to use them you simply soak them in the mask you made. The “Strawberry Shake It Up” mask was pretty thick so I decided to skip the sheet mask and brush it on. I shared the whole experience on my Instagram stories but totally forgot to take pictures! The mask went on pretty easy and smelled great. I was worried that it might make my face red because of the strawberries, but that wasn’t an issue at all. My face felt so smooth and soft afterwards. I’d 100% make this one again.


You can head over to the Odd Dot website for more about the book, as well as a couple sneak peek images with the recipe list and some sample recipes!

Overall I found this to be a really fun book! I liked it for myself and can totally see my students getting into it!

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