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December 8, 2017 etc, Giveaway 5

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Susan Dennard’s The Witchlands. My reviews of the first two books, Truthwitch and Windwitch are full of me fangirling about every aspect. These books are just so great. Susan does such an incredible job with the world-building, the characters, the pacing… everything. She’s crazy talented and the books reflect that.

The third book, Bloodwitch doesn’t come out until 2019. You can bet I’m eagerly anticipating it! In the mean time, Susan and Tor Teen are blessing us with an illustrated tale, Sightwitch This book features Ryber, one of my favorite characters, and I am dying to get my hands on it!!! You can read the first chapter here.

Before Safi and Iseult battled a Bloodwitch…

Before Merik returned from the dead…

Ryber Fortiza was a Sightwitch Sister at a secluded convent, waiting to be called by her goddess into the depths of the mountain. There she would receive the gift of foretelling. But when that call never comes, Ryber finds herself the only Sister without the Sight.

Years pass and Ryber’s misfit pain becomes a dull ache, until one day, Sisters who already possess the Sight are summoned into the mountain, never to return. Soon enough, Ryber is the only Sister left. Now, it is up to her to save her Sisters, though she does not have the Sight—and though she does not know what might await her inside the mountain.

On her journey underground, she encounters a young captain named Kullen Ikray, who has no memory of who he is or how he got there. Together, the two journey ever deeper in search of answers, their road filled with horrors, and what they find at the end of that road will alter the fate of the Witchlands forever.

Sightwitch—available February 13—is an illustrated tale set in the Witchlands and told through Ryber’s journal entries and sketches. Please enjoy this excerpt.

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Of course I’ve preordered it. But I am SO EXCITED that I want to share the love! So, I have TWO giveaways for you!

First, for those who haven’t started The Witchlands series yet (or fans who don’t own the first two books!):

  • Hardcover of Truthwitch
  • Hardcover of Windwitch
  • Truthwitch poster
  • Sightwitch postcard
  • Witchlands Map poster

And for those who have already read the books (or those who own them and plan to read them!):

  • Pre-Order of Sightwitch
  • Truthwitch poster
  • Sightwitch postcard
  • Witchlands Map poster

Here’s a photo from Susan’s Instagram account that shows the Truthwitch poster and the front and back of the Sightwitch postcard. (It also shows the gorgeous new paperbacks of her first series!)

To enter use the rafflecopters below. You can enter both, however, you cannot win both! Must be 13 or older to win. Giveaway one is US only. Giveaway two is open to anyone who lives where The Book Depository ships. (Just a note that the poster might be folded, depending on the cost of shipping a poster tube internationally.)

Giveaway One:

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Giveaway Two:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I hope you’re as excited as I am for Sightwitch and that you’ll share that excitement! 🙂 If you don’t already follow Susan Dennard I highly suggest you do! Here are some links: blognewslettertwitter, or instagram. She’s one of the nicest, most genuine authors I’ve met!

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