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Today I have Lisa Tawn Bergren here for The River of Time Series blog tour! She is sharing with us some book picks from 2011 as well as books she hopes to get to in 2012!

Also, check out the awesome scavenger hunt she is hosting to go along with this tour. She’s giving away TWENTY books and THREE Kindle readers! 

Okay, on to the books! Here’s Lisa…

I don’t read as much as you’d think, since I find it hard to read while I’m writing,
which is pretty much all year long. I’m inherently lazy, so if I have a good book
calling to me, it’s hard for me to focus on my own story. This year has been all
about YA, so that’s what’s dominating my shelves.

Here’s a pic of some of what I read in 2011:

My favorite reads of 2011 were THE HELP, DIVERGENT, RUBY RED,
Here’s a pic of what remains in my TBR pile:
The ones calling the loudest are: MARA DYER, DARK DIVINE, and DAUGHTER
OF SMOKE AND BONE. Hope to get to them in January/February! But first I’m
reading AWKWARD and GRACELING on my Kindle.
Thanks to Lisa for sharing her book picks. I always love seeing what others are reading or have on their TBR pile. Graceling is one of my all time favorites ever and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Unearthly, and Divergent were among my favorites of 2011.

Don’t forget to check out the awesome scavenger hunt

Other Info: 
Lisa is releasing an e-novella in February, called BOURNE, which is River of Time Series #3.1. It picks up directly where TORRENT left off. It will be on Kindle first, and hopefully in other formats (Nook, etc.) afterward.

Lisa’s website: www.LisaBergren.com
River of Time site: www.RiverofTime.mobi
Lisa on Twitter: @LisaTBergren
Lisa on Facebook: “River of Time Series”: https://www.facebook.com/riveroftimeseries

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