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So if you’re here you probably know that I’m a fan of YA lit. You can probably also tell that I’m a total author fangirl. When I read a book I like I want to read everything written by that author… including blog posts! There are so many author blogs that I just adore. I thought I’d share some of my favorites here!

Heidi’s Very Favorite Author Blogs 

Sarah Rees Brennan: So yeah. I kind of love her. By love I of course mean “internet stalk.” For real. One of the funniest and most insightful people I follow. Whether it’s on her twitter feed, livejournal, tumblr… whatever. If she writes it I want to read it! Her most recent post is just further evidence of the awesome. I love it when she paraphrases her versions of conversations. Also LOVE her recaps of books and TV shows. One of my favorites is her retelling of The Fall of the House of Usher.

Kiersten White: Yeah, she’s awesome. Her books are delightful and so much fun to read. Her blog is as well! She is funny and witty and honest. Her posts range from writing advice and thoughts on books to notes on life and letters from her laptop. I love it! I’m particularly fond of this post with book reviews. 

Laini Taylor: Pretty much the most gorgeous blog around! I want her to come and decorate my house!!! Not only does she have a way with words… she is also an incredibly talented artist! I want a copy of the first “tiny story” in this post to frame and hang in my apartment! I also totally agree with her thoughts on Chime by Franny Billingsley.

Libba Bray: She is a rock star. For real. Her blog posts always invoke strong reactions… laughter, tears, deep thought. Basically it’s like her books! My favorite post is the one where MJ tried to kill her

Neil Gaiman: He’s Neil Gaiman. Need I say more? I mean, he was on The Simpsons for goodness sake! 

Saundra Mitchell: She writes some of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. Also, she is wise. You should listen to her! If I were an aspiring author (and again for the record I am not!) I would read and re-read posts like this one. Plus, anyone awesome enough (and by awesome I mean delightfully twisted enough) to come up with Zombaby Bread  is someone you want to follow!

Stephanie Perkins: If you’ve read either of her books I probably don’t need to explain this one. Stephanie is delightful and quirky and oh so fun. So is her blog. Check out the day she and Beth Revis had a competition to see who could hit their writing goal and live blogged about it. How can you not want to read more?

Beth Revis: I adore the look of her blog! It also has really great content (including the whole live blog with Stephanie Perkins!) I can’t talk about her blog without mentioning how generous she is. She is always running giveaways and such! 
Maggie Steifvater: Okay. I have to admit. I am a bit on awe of Maggie Steifvater. She is a talented author, musician and artist. She is also a delightful person and one of my favorite authors that I’ve met. Her post about part of her UK tour had me laughing out loud in the library. 
Holly Black: I am a total Holly Black fangirl. The woman is amazing. Her posts always get me thinking. She expresses herself and her views in a way I only wish I could. Her post on the discussion around Twilight is something you should read. 
There are so many more that I enjoy but I only meant to do a few! 

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