Nightspell Tour: Leah Cypess Guest Post + Giveaway

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Today I have the lovely Leah Cypess on the blog for the Nightspell blog tour! I really enjoyed Leah’s first novel Mistwood as well as Nightspell. I love the unique worlds she creates! In today’s post Leah shares the author’s perspective on reviews. She gives us her own thoughts as well as links to some awesome posts by others. Enjoy! 

Top Posts about Reviews

As a writer, reviews are part of your business. And if you are a writer, let me break the news to you: someone is going to hate your book. Yes, YOURS. Whoever you are, and no matter how awesome your book is, there is going to be someone who feels the paper it was printed on could have been less offensively used as a blueprint for a nuclear device intended to destroy all of humanity. And they will say so on goodreads, on Amazon, and anywhere else on the internet where they have the ability to leave a comment.

So how do writers learn to deal with reviews? Some of us ignore them altogether. Some of us complain a lot. Some of us can do BOTH (yes, writers are incredibly talented people). To be honest, I haven’t entirely mastered the art yet; I don’t have any golden nuggets of advice to share for you.

What I do have are some other authors’ takes on reviews. This isn’t the result of an exhaustive survey; they’re just some posts I’ve come across that either resonated with me or made me laugh. Or both. Check them out:

Despite its title, this post will not make you sad. It will make you laugh. Hysterically. And then you may or may not feel the need to forward it to every writer you know.

2. Being A Writer and a Reader on the Internet  by Sarah Rees Brennan. 
Also really funny, plus, in my opinion, good advice. And very honest. (“But I believe I have made clear that the negative reviews, they do not leave me precisely stoic and unmoved. I do not sit beholding negative reviews of my books like Patience on a Monument, Smiling At Grief.”)

3. One-Star Reviews by John Scalzi.
Which reminds me of one piece of advice I DO have for dealing with reviews: Go to Amazon or goodreads and read the one-star reviews of your favorite book in the entire world. It will put things in perspective.

4. Do Amazon Reviews Matter by Jen Nadol
About why they shouldn’t, but probably do. For books, that is. For toasters, it’s an entirely different matter.

Giveaway: I have some bookmarks from Leah as well as an extra copy of Nightspell that I somehow ended up with! Use the form below to enter. There will be one winner for the book and a bookmark as well as a couple bookmark winners. The bookmarks are signed! US only for the book but international is okay for the bookmarks. 13 years or older. One entry per person. Contest ends December 15, 2011.

And don’t forget to follow the rest of the tour (and remember each stop you comment on gets you entered to win a super cool annotated edition of Mistwood!):

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