I’m Alive!

August 10, 2011 Uncategorized 0

I’m alive and I still love this blog and blogging and you! Sorry for my absence. Life took an unexpectedly busy turn.  Between work I still have to do at school, my grad class, an unexpected and rushed move, and waitressing I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. I’m still in the process of moving and looking for storage for my stuff since I have about a two or three week window with no home. I’ll be staying with my sister and her family so I don’t anticipate more reading time. The small number of books I’ve read this summer is depressing. That’s life sometimes, right? 

I just wanted to write to say I will still be blogging. I hate that I haven’t been lately but I honestly don’t sleep as it is! My dad just got here so I have to go move more stuff! See you soon!

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