Sherwood Smith

August 27, 2010 etc 0

I first came across Sherwood Smith when Crown Duet was recommended to me by YA author Anne Osterlund (you HAVE to read her books Aurelia and Academy 7!!!) I went to the book store and bought Court Duet expecting to pick it up now and again when I had some time. However, once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down! This led me to look for other books by Smith. My bookstore didn’t carry most of the YA titles but I was able to order them online. I’ve read everything by her I can get my hands on!! I’ve noticed that the covers aren’t always the best (particularly Posse of Princesses) but the stories are wonderful. Some, like The Trouble with Kings and Wren to the Rescue are pure fantasy, taking place in worlds that Smith has created. Others, like Once a Princess and Twice a Prince overlap our world with a fantasy world. Many of the books take place in the same fantasy world but the characters and time period are different. All are well developed and transport the reader to whatever world they are set in.

Sherwood Smith’s characters pull you in. Her heroines are smart and sassy yet not perfect. They make mistakes and have faults. The heroes, also imperfect, are worthy overall and have integrity… they aren’t just pretty faces!! Throughout the books you can see how the characters grow and change. Smith gives enough details to picture the story without bogging the reader down. She incorporates humor naturally so that it flows with the story. I would recommend all of the books I’ve read by her! Check your local bookstore and/or library!

Books by Sherwood Smith I’ve read (and therefore recommend because she is fabulous!):
Court Duet
The Inda Quartet
Once a Princess
Twice a Prince
Posse of Princesses
The Trouble with Kings
Wren to the Rescue
Wren’s Quest

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