Top Ten Settings in Books

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Top Ten Settings in Books
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Oh the places I’ve been in a book! I love the way books allow me to travel the world (and in to other worlds!) 

Lake of Shining Waters

1. Prince Edward Island: I have been in love with PEI ever since reading Anne of Green Gables and watching the movies as a child. This past summer I fulfilled the life-long dream of traveling there. It was gorgeous and everything I hoped it’d be. L.M. Montgomery picked the perfect setting for her story. I love the small town community type settings in any book. Gene Stratton Porter also does this well!

2. Hogwarts: The castle and nearby village were the perfect setting for the Harry Potter books. I know that it’s not a very universal setting… it can’t really be used again. Still. Fantasy settings are some of my very favorite. 

2. Regency England/Steampunk England: I lump these two together because they are similar in my mind. I know they are more time period/genre but I just love books that fall in to these categories. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never been to England but it’s just someplace I love to read about in general. 

3. Teribithia: While in NYC for BEA I had the pleasure of hearing Katherine Patterson speak. In her address she talked about Teribithia and what makes it so great. There is no one right way to imagine it. Each person may have a different impression and that’s what makes it beautiful… the wonder and freedom to imagine.

Who wouldn’t want to

4. Narnia: I’m not just saying this because I like to watch Ben Barnes as Caspian (although that certainly isn’t a hardship!) Narnia amazes me. I want to be there and see the lamp-post and talk to the animals. I don’t so much want to meet the White Witch though.

5. Paris: The history, the architecture, the food, the romance… what’s not to love?!? I recently read Anna and the French Kiss and Die For Me… two perfect examples of why this setting is divine! 

6. Rivendell: The nature lover in me thinks Rivendell would be the ideal place to be. I love the organic design. It sounds beautiful in the books. The movies went so far above and beyond what I expected. It just seems such a peaceful place.

7. Colby: I love Lakeview (the setting of many of Sarah Dessen’s books) but Colby just seems the perfect little beach town. I want to eat at Last Chance Grill and shop at Clementine’s. Running in to Eli wouldn’t be to bad either! (Note: This could really be any beach setting!)

8. Any area I’m familiar with: If I can recognize a place in a book I love it that much more. One of the things I enjoyed most about Will Grayson, Will Grayson was seeing all the places they went that I’m familiar with (FYI that list does NOT include Frenchy’s!) Recently I read Divergent and loved picking out the Chicago landmarks as Veronica Roth imagines them in her version of the future. 

9. Down South: I love me some Southern Gothic! Beautiful Creatures, The Splendor Falls, Ruined… all sucked me in with their settings!

10. North Eastern U.S.: Before heading to NYC for BEA I had never been to that area of the country. I’ve always been fascinated by the history. New York, Boston, Cape Cod, The Hamptons… these settings totally make me want to read! 

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  1. The Library Owl

    Great settings! I’m really starting to love the southern settings too, especially in Sarah Addison Allen’s books. I really need to read Splenour Falls soon. Also, Paris is definitely high on my list after Anna and the French kiss, and you can’t go wrong with Hogwarts :)

  2. Nina

    I’ve never read Anne of Green Gables, but after becoming a frequent visitor of your blog you definitely have me eager to! Definitely added to the to-read list!

  3. Jessie Nell

    i love books where i can recognize the settings, but only if they get it right! i read one book set in madison and they got all these details wrong and it drove me nuts.

  4. Anne Bennett

    I confess that I haven’t read the Anne of Green Gables series of books, but I want to and I love the Prince Edward Island pictures from the TV series.

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