Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Book Blogging

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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Book Blogging
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Yes! I am super excited about this topic! I cannot wait to see all the reasons people blog. I find it very encouraging :)

1. The Community: I love the book blogging community (bloggers, authors, publishers, etc…! The majority of people involved are friendly, helpful, and join together for the good of the community and to do good outside the community.

2. Other Bloggers: I have made so many friends that I never would have meet if not for blogging. They are not friends of convenience but people who I genuinely enjoy and we have a lot in common. I’ve found the other bloggers I’ve interacted with to be easy to talk to, generous, and insightful. I love it! 

3. Fabulous Authors: I’ve said it before, authors are my rockstars. When I started blogging I never thought that it would be a way to connect with the men and women who write the books I admire. I was floored the first time an author responded to me. Who am I kidding? I am floored every time an author responds to me! I love that blogging gives me a way to promote and support what they do.

4. Justification: It gives me a cover story for all the stacks of books that sit around my house!

5. Accountability: As a school librarian I want (and feel that I need) to stay “in the know” about what’s hot in YA lit. Blogging gives me a way to do that. It keeps me accountable in a way I love :)
6. Outlet: All my book love used to be bottled up. I get to discuss middle grade and some YA with my students but there was so much more I wanted to say! Blogging gives me an outlet for my thoughts and allows me to connect with others to discuss! I love that!

7. Acceptance: Book bloggers know what I mean when I say my series have to match and they don’t look at me like I’m a nut job for it. We are on the same page!

8. Passion: The book blogging community is passionate about what they do. An incredible amount of time, energy, and money is put in to blogs. Very few bloggers make money on them. They do it because they love it. 

9. Inspiration: I am wowed and inspired by things I see in the blogosphere daily. It may be an incredibly well written post or someone’s selfless efforts to raise money for a good cause or someone’s dedication or any number of things. There are days where it keeps me going. It makes me think, “I can do this!” no matter what “this” may be. 

10. Books: Again, when I started my blog I never thought I’d get free books. I don’t think I was even really aware that this happened. Still, I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t love it! Even with all the money I spend on books in a year (which is an embarrassing amount!) I could never buy all the books I want to read! I use the library a ton but free books still make me jump for joy!

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