Gimme A Call

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Gimme A Call

Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: April 27, 2010
Pages: 320
Source: Received at ALAN 2010 conference

About the Book: A new life is just a phone call away! 
Devi’s life isn’t turning out at all like she wanted. She wasted the past three years going out with Bryan—cute, adorable, break-your-heart Bryan. Devi let her friendships fade, blew off studying, didn’t join any clubs . . . and now that Bryan has broken up with her, she has nothing left. 
Not even her stupid cell phone—she dropped it in the mall fountain. Now it only calls one number . . . hers. At age fourteen, three years ago! 
Once Devi gets over the shock—and convinces her younger self that she isn’t some wacko—she realizes that she’s been given an awesome gift. She can tell herself all the right things to do . . . because she’s already done all the wrong ones! Who better to take advice from than your future self? 
Except . . .what if getting what you think you want changes everything? 
Fans of Sarah Mlynowski’s Magic in Manhattan series will love this hilarious new novel with a high-concept premise .

My Thoughts: A cell phone that allows you to talk to a past version of yourself? What an fabulous idea for a book! Giving that power to a senior in high school who has just had her heart broken? Even better! 

I listened to the audiobook version of this title for most of the book. The narrator wasn’t my favorite but I could still listen and enjoy (unlike many others I’ve tried!) Towards the end of the story I got too impatient and had to pull the book off my shelf to finish. I kind of wish I would have done that sooner. I enjoyed the idea of the book and the unexpected outcomes that occurred due to changes Senior Year Devi made Freshman Year Devi make. However, it started to drag for me. I think that if I had picked the physical book up and read sooner it wouldn’t have seemed so drawn out. I still liked the book but it isn’t a favorite of mine. If you’re looking for a twist on the typical high school drama this book is a good choice.

Random Things I Loved:
*The names Senior and Freshman Devi give themselves to distinguish between them.
*Senior Devi’s first kiss
*Freshman Devi’s first kiss
*Alfonso (I’m 99% sure that was his name!)
*Devi’s friends
*The salsa incident

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