Sarah Dessen Week Wrap-Up

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I can not believe that Sarah Dessen Week is already over! You guys are so great! I loved reading all the discussion posts and reviews. Now I want to reread all the books! Thanks so much to all who participated. A special thanks to Jacinda and Jasmine from The Reading Housewives of Indiana. Sarah Dessen Week was Jacinda’s idea and she made all the link thingies. Jasmine made the fab graphics that we used :) Thanks ladies. You’re the best!

Here’s a recap of our posts:

YA Bibliophile – Kick-off and giveaway
Reading Housewives – Kick-off and giveaways

YA Bibliophile – What Happened to Goodbye release and giveaway and World of Sarah Dessen (book connections)
Reading Housewives – Tour Dates and Trailers and Along for the Ride review (Guest post by Lisa)

YA Bibliophile – Logos and Dreamland review (Guest post by Ashley
Reading Housewives – Dreamland review 

YA Bibliophile – Along for the Ride review repost and What Happened to Goodbye review
Reading Housewives – Thankful for them Dessen Boys

YA Bibliophile - Fangirl Friday vlog
Reading Housewives – Lock and Key review (Guest post by Cyndi) and Notable Quotables

YA Bibliophile – Just Listen review
Reading Housewives – This Lullaby review and Someone Like You review (Guest Post by Ashley)

Some other posts I loved:

Farrah from I Eat Words had a great Kick-off post. The reviews and other post from her and Britney were great too!

Jess from Gone with the Words dedicated the WHOLE WEEK to the boys of Sarah Dessen! Owen is my favorite ;)

Katelyn over at Katelyn’s Blog even changed her background for the week!

The ladies at YA Crush gave us an Ode to the Dessen Boys (it’s no surprise that they are such a popular topic!) as well as some other great posts too! 

A Reader’s Journey joined in with her first ever giveaway as well as some awesome posts!

Alex from A Girl, Books and Other Things posted a number of great reviews as well as this post on her favorite secondary Sarah Dessen characters. Love it!

Jenny from The Mimosa Stimulus read and reviewed her first two Sarah Dessen books! She started with Along for the RIde. I am so happy that bloggers used Sarah Dessen Week as motivation to read one of her books or the first time!

Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit threw in her two cents about What Happened to Goodbye and  I just wanted to copy and paste her review in to my blog because I so totally agree!

Joy from the Joy of reading has been posting reviews AND giveaways all week. It’s not too late to enter. Here are her thoughts on This Lullaby, one of my top three Sarah Dessen books!

Erin from Quitting my Day Job gave us some great reasons to read Sarah Dessen.

Ginger from GReads! reposted a great review of Dreamland from when her blog was just a baby :)

There were so many other great posts but I had to stop with the linking. It was getting a little absurd! You can look at the bottom of any of my posts or The Reading Housewives of Indiana’s posts. They have the linky thingies :)

Also, Jasmin put together a survey to get some feedback about the week. If you joined in on the blogging or reading end we’d love you forever if you filled it out :) Check it out here!

And now for the poll results for your favorite Sarah Dessen book. 105 people voted:
Someone Like You: 6
Dreamland: 4
This Lullaby: 26
The Truth About Forever: 31
Just Listen: 11
Lock and Key: 13
Along for the Ride: 14

Seriously y’all. This week was so much fun! Thanks for participating. I adore Sarah Dessen and I loved spreading that love to others :) If you’ve never picked up one of her books I highly recommend it. Check out some of this weeks posts and enter to win her books. You can’t go wrong!

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  1. Devan

    Thanks again for being a host this week! It was a lot of fun. Maybe for the next SD book release we should do a month of SD! :)

  2. Deb

    Thank you!!! What a great, great week.

    And thanks for this round up, too. I looking forward to catching up!

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