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November 24, 2010 etc 1

I intended to blog more while I was here at the ALAN (The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents) workshop. Really, I did. But honestly? I can’t remember ever being this tired. The workshop was amazing. So many fabulous authors. I shipped more than one box of books home! This means that I’ll be holding multiple giveaways when I get back :) Still, it’s intense. I tried to hear all the author speak and attend the breakout sessions. This kept me BUSY! Tonight I went to the Magic Kingdom. I had never been before. It totally kicked my butt. I didn’t even go on any rides. I walked around for a bit, bought a $5.00 hot dog and picked up some gifts for my niece and nephew. That’s about it. I decided I wanted to make it back early so I would be all rested up for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter tomorrow. I’m SO excited… almost as excited as I was to meet all the fabulous authors (can I tell you, yet again, how amazing I think Holly Black is?!?) I head home tomorrow night and then have Thanksgiving. Hopefully I’ll get a “real” blog up soon :) Like I said, I have books to give away!

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