Keturah and Lord Death

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Keturah and Lord Death Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt

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I randomly picked this book up at the bookstore yesterday. I vaguely remember hearing about it as a National Book Award finalist but that’s it. The cover is what really caught my attention. I really didn’t have any expectations going in to it.

This is the story of a sixteen-year-old girl named Keturah. She follows a great hart into the woods and is lost for three days. Finally she sits and waits for death since she can go on no more. Death shows up in the form of a handsome young man. She charms him with a story and is given a day to find her one true love or come with death that night. Knowing that she has but one day to live Keturah returns to her beloved village and does all she can to help the people and find her one true love. That night death comes for her and she weaves another story and is granted another day. This occurs until the climax of the story (which I won’t give away here!)

During her “bought” days Keturah tries her best to prevent the plague from coming to her small village, help her friends see that the men they love are in front of them, improve life for all the dear villagers AND find her one true love. I enjoyed this story. The writing flows nicely and makes the reading very enjoyable. I did have a problem reconciling the ending with the prologue. I’m still not quite sure I understand it and it certainly wasn’t what I expected/wanted to happen. Still, I’m liking it more as i go back and re-read it and consider it.

This is a great mix of medieval romance and fantasy. You have to love it when the peasant girl saves the day :)

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